19 May 2017

South Shore Line adjusts station plans for West Lake Corridor project

South Shore News

The Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD) late last week unveiled modified station plans for the South Shore Line's West Lake Corridor project. The modifications include adding a layover facility at the future Hammond Gateway Station in Hammond, Ind. NICTD also moved the platform location and parking for the Munster Ridge Road Station in Munster, Ind.

As a result, the agency won't need to acquire a set of homes south of Ridge Road as previously planned.  The changes were based on "extensive community input," said NICTD President Michael Noland in a press release. The West Lake Corridor project involves extending the South Shore Line 9 miles between Dyer and Hammond. Trains on the new branch ultimately would connect with Metra's Electric District Line to the north. The project, which includes four stations, calls for building new track used exclusively for passenger-rail service.

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