29 Mar 2018

South Shore Line Bikes on Trains Program Returns April 1st

South Shore News

It’s that time of year again, when riding your bike to work is made possible with the South Shore Line’s (SSL) Bikes on Trains program! This program is offered on two morning and evening rush-hour weekday trains in addition to select weekend trains. 

Bike cars will be available on select weekend/holiday and select weekday trains from April through October. Not only can you bike to work during the week, but you can also explore the bike trails along the South Shore Line on the weekends! 

Bike cars are bike rack-equipped in addition to regular seating so that passengers can ride in the car near their bicycle. Bike-rack equipped train cars are clearly marked with a bike symbol prominently located on the windows of the car. Bikes are not permitted during special Chicago events such as Lollapalooza and the Chicago Air & Water Show.

“The team at the South Shore Line is excited to kick off the Bikes on Trains 2018 season,” said Nicole Barker, Director of Capital Investment and Implementation. “We have had a steady increase in cyclists taking advantage of the program, and we receive positive feedback about how the program makes it easy to get to work or ride for recreation on weekends.”

For more information on bike-friendly train schedules, discounts and to plan your trip, please visit our Bikes on Trains page under "Plan Your Trip" or download the SSL app (available for iPhone and Android). Passengers wishing to bring their bicycles on the train must comply with the requirements listed on our website under Bikes on Trains: www.mysouthshoreline.com/plan-your-trip/bikes-on-trains.