When are bikes allowed on trains?
Where do bikes board the train?
Where are bike cars located?
Can I ask for help handling my bike?
Am I guaranteed a bike rack space on my return trip?
Can overcrowding affect bikes on trains?
Is there an additional fee for bringing my bike onboard?
What do we do with our bikes during an emergency?
In what other ways am I responsible for my bike?
Are there times that bikes are not allowed?
Can I bring a collapsible bike?
Can children travel alone?
Are there special rates for children?
Are strollers permitted on trains?
What are considered off-peak train times?
What about disorderly passengers?
Can I listen to music while riding?
Can cell phones be used on trains?
What’s the best way to handle a misunderstanding with ticket fares?
Do infants need tickets?
Do you offer discounts for children?
Do you offer special rates for commuting students?
Does the South Shore Line offer a reduced SENIOR FARE?
Do you offer special rates or services for passengers with disabilities?
Do you offer special rates for military personnel?
How can I receive a refund for an unused ticket?
Are there special holiday train schedules?
Do you have a lost and found?
When should I activate my ticket?
I get an error when trying to activate my ticket.
Why are my tickets locked?
How to move tickets to a new phone?
Why can't I see my available tickets?
When should I buy my Monthly Pass?
I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?
Who qualifies for Children and Senior fares?
How do I request a refund for an unused ticket?
How To Use NICTD WiFi
What Internet Speed Can I Expect?
Are There Any Restrictions?
How Secure is the SSL Network?
What If I Have Trouble Connecting?
Is there parking at every station?
Can I park overnight?
Are South Shore trains accessible to passengers using wheelchairs?
How do I report an elevator outage?
Do you allow animals on trains?
Is smoking permitted?
Do you allow animals on trains?
Can I bring a stroller?
Can luggage, coolers and carry-ons be brought on the train?
How do I get a refund for tickets I purchased on the South Shore mobile app?
How do I get a refund for unused one-way tickets or SSL refunds issued due to extensive delays?
What are quiet cars?

Fares and rules are governed by tariffs approved by the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District Board of Trustees and Metra. In case of discrepancy, the information found in the tariff shall be considered authoritative. Neither NICTD nor Metra are responsible for errors in timetables, inconvenience, or damage resulting from delayed trains or failure to make connections. Passengers may be requested, at any time during the journey, to show proof of purchase of transportation. Please keep your ticket, ticket receipt, or cash fare receipt until you have left the train.